Hikes in Forsand

Here are suggestions for trips one can take in Forsand. You can get free maps for these tours as well as some others in the store. It has recently been added a map of Lysefjorden, which also crosses Forsand. This is a very good map and costs 129 kroner. This can be a buy in the store.

Berg mountain
In one hour you can come up to the “dude man” on the Bergefjellet with a view to Stavanger and to take you to the top, you can see all the way to Kårstø on a day. If you are at the top, you can proceed to Vikastakken, which is a 4-5-hour return trip.

This is a great trip for the whole family. You’re going well to the top in just over an hour. Here you will have a beautiful view of Forsand and beyond Høgsfjorden.

Uburen Here you can see the view from Uburen, and you see the start of Lysefjorden and Forsand.

Byrkjedal lake
This is a great family trip. Drive up to the shooting range and you are up in the height right away. You can choose if you just want to go around Stølsvatnet, or if you want to take Byrkjedalsvatnet right away. There is good fishing in both Støls and Byrkjedalsvatnet.

Great family trip! Park your car in Eiane and remember to arrange a ride from the other end. The trip takes about 3 hours.

There are other tour tips on the website of Forsand municipality.